The Secret Service got into the game with Kinder from the freezer

Ads, Creativity

The Secret Service made the national campaign for Kinder products from the freezer, namely Pingui, Felie de Lapte (Milk slice) and  Maxi King.

The promotion is presented as an interactive game taking place on a fantasy land set on a game table full of prizes: board games, kites, extra-chances, forward leaps. All in all, a set up perfect for Kinder world.

tabla de joc

Entering the game and moving forward is possible by buying 3 Kinder from the freezer products on the same recipe and entering its number in the promotion via SMS or on website.

The game, once played until the end, offers the participants chances to win to the 2 draws that have as stake mountain circuits.

The board game engages the consumer in a long term involved experience and involves buying the products periodically.


Campaign’s executions are spectacular illustrations that come to life in different shapes, 2 TV ads and a cartoon presenting the interesting adventures happening on the board. Other executions are outdoor panels, mesh-ups and mock-ups of the luggage filled cars that will travel in Romania carrying the winners of the big prizes; adding to those are radio ads and online executions, leaflets and many more.


The Secret Service team working on the campaign included Adina Sorescu – Strategy and Client Service, Mihai Ene, Radu Pop and George Isopescu  – Creation, Alina Cranga – Account Management and Mihai Girip – AV production. Illustrations are signed by Noper.

Ferrero Romania’s team involved in the campaign consisted in Camelia Dau – Group Brand Manager Kinder and Andrei Jianu – Brand Manager Kinder from the freezer.

The campaign was implemented together with Media Post Hitmail, Carat, Media Concept Store, Men in black, Fabrica Flash and Press Play.