Cardboard characters from Tetra Pak invaded the main train station in Bucharest

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Tetra Pak characters made by UNarte students from cardboard and recycled materials animated the main train station in Bucharest, talking to the travelers buying tickets and encouraging them to collect selectively the thrash.

The materials used to make the characters came from recycling packaging from milk and juice collected in the end of last year.

Our message and everyone involved in the campaign is: Collect selectively, this way you will protect the environment and save resources. And we aren’t only talking about our milk and juice packaging, but to everything that can be collected and then recycled: cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, metal. It is a simple gesture, but one that matters a lot. Our packaging contains over 70% cardboard, that can be reused up to 8 times to obtain other objects such as paper, napkins, boxes for presents, shoe boxes or for appliances (…) we thank all that answer to our appeal and collected the milk and juice boxes for decorating North Train Station, but also to the students and teachers that are relaying our messages in an innovative way, through character’s play

Cristina Dumitru,

Communication Manager Tetra Pak South-Eastern Europe

The campaign that supposed informing the public and collecting cardboard packaging from milk and juices was made by Tetra Pak, with support from Carrefour Romania, in November – December 2012 and promoted by Razvan Simion and Dani Otil, hosts of Antena 1’s morning show. Couple thousand people from Bucharest answered the call to bring collected packaging to interactive blue containers and participated to workshops made in Carrefour galleries. The collected packaging was recycled and some of the obtained materials were used to make different characters by UNarte students.