Lowe&Partners orchestrated creative activations for BASF

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Lowe&Partners developed the creative concept for Agroconnect 2013, a series of events made by BASF’s agricultural division that took place in May-June.

BASF is worldwide leader in chemical products field, providing raw materials for almost all industries and plants’ protection is among its main activity fields.

12 BASF products for plants protection were presented to the general public in 8 Romanian towns in an innovative manner, via creative activations for each type of product. All those present to event were invited to be part at these small activation and get agro-dollars, event’s official currency that could bring them different prizes on the spot.

Lowe’s team developed a special concept, “Innovations on square meter”, following a significant research on an atypical target, farmers. How do you convince this category to come to an event where plant protection products are presented and both entertain them and inform them, considering the place for activations was a field?

Innovations on square meter is a concept we all enjoyed working at and what resulted was a very successful mix of creativity and technology. People had a great time and accepted our challenges, no matter it was about bowling, about destroying on iPad the bad plants that attack crops, or the sticky men throwing game. We managed to communicate in a modern and funny way, for a target harder to reach from a creative point of view, and we did in the middle of a field

Andrei Munteanu,

Copywriter Lowe&Partners.

Lowe team scored excellently when it came each product from Innovations on square meter. The activations were funny and very informative, transforming radically an event you don’t expect much from this point of view, considering the products are to be used for crops

Andreea Butaru,

Advertising & Promotion Manager BASF.

Agroconnect 2013 events gathered over 3,000 farmer in Tulcea, Braila, Ialomita, Calarasi, Giurgiu, Cluj, Bihor and Neamt counties.

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