Lidl Romania and Wave Xperience do mobile cooking


Lidl introduced the concept of “mobile kitchen” in its promotional activities and, together with Wave Xperience –  Events Management division of Wave Division -, built the 1st mobile kitchen on a truck.

The mobile kitchen is a continuation of the most recent Lidl communication campaign, launched by Lidl Romania to promote easy and healthy cooking at affordable prices.

Lidl’s mobile kitchen will visit, during 4 months, 18 Romanian towns and will benefit of participation chefs well known in Romania such as Antonio Passarelli, Petrisor Tanase and Petru Buiuca. Building the mobile kitchen lasted 2 months and involved a team of 5 people.

The trend in retail marketing is to reach the consumer with more and more sophisticated methods, in areas that are really comfortable for him. Retailers that will understand to surprise consumer every time with innovative solutions of brand interaction are those who will get, on long term, visible results in terms of numbers. This is a concept present for the first time in Romania and we are happy we were the ones to have the opportunity to implement for Lidl

Costin Buta,

Events Marketing Director, Wave Xperience.