D’inno Lab – creative solutions lab for community’s problems -, launched by Romanian CROS, ModuLab and Sub25


Romanian association CROS (The Resources Center for Student Organizations), Modulab and SUB25 are launching “D’inno Lab – Creative solutions lab for community’s problems”, targeting Romanian NGO sector. The solution proposed via D’Inno Lab is to test a  new alternative to solve community problems by using Design Thinking technology and monetize emerging technologies now available to the large public, such as 3D printing or interactive platforms.

The project was launched on July 1st and aims to proposes making technological prototypes that would represent creative solutions for the problems youth in Romania confronts with at community life level. The problems will be identified with help from NGO sector’s representatives, that are invited to come up with solutions that will be analized and discussed with tech and communication experts and different civil society actors. The new technologies of digital origin offer to the social causes the possibility to go beyong the “awareness / informing” objectives and to produce social and technological integrated solutions for communities’ problems, that would be relatively accessible from a financial point of view, scalable, measurable and sustainable.

The project is structured in 4 workshops that will lead to identifying the problems and than the solutions proposed by participants, with 4 of them to be selectioned on impact potential, feasibility and sustainability criteria, and developed to the level of technological prototype, implementation plan and communication strategy. The solutions will address recurrent problems in the Romanian public space that have to do with education, urban ecology, supporting people with different deficiencies, problems walkers and bikers have with Bucharest traffic and so on.

D’Inno Lab is made with support from Civic Innovation Fund, a program financed by  Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe, administered by Civil Society Development Foundation.