Selgros, friendlier with its Romanian clients, with a new concept for its stores

Branding, Business

Selgros Romania becomes friendlier with its Romanian clients, following the introduction in its store of a new ambiance concept. This way, Selgros Iasi store is rearranged based on a new design concept, a first on Romanian market and already present in German and Polish markets.

The new design concepts is based on a more friendly structure and more accessible shelf exposure for the products. The reopening of Selgros Iasi, where the new design is being implemented, is scheduled for the beginning of September.

With this project, Selgros continues the modernization of the 19 stores the cash & carry chain has in Romania, aiming to optimize the assortments, to arrange the articles taking in consideration standard routes clients take inside the store and ease the orientation process.

The new design gives more space to products that sell high volumes, such as drinks, sweets, basic foods and detergents and specialized spaces for niche products, such as bio/eco products.