Hutton launched the campaign Pasta di tutte le paste in Romania

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Hutton, the biggest pasta producer in Romania fully Romanian owned, launched the campaign “Pasta di tutte le paste”, daring the pasta consumers to enter the competition to designate Romanians’ favorite pasta.

“Pasta di tutte le paste” is the first promotional campaign organized by Hutton and takes place on July 10-23, all over Romania. The action bets on Hutton’s essential values, family and tradition, and consists in promoting recipes with pasta specialities and the habit of cooking within the family.

During the campaign, “War of Clans” competition is launched, a photo contest with prizes for the best photos with the meals with pasta cooked in the family. Inspired from tradition, rivalries and legendary passion for pasta that represent one of the most loved regions in Italy, “War of Clans” creates a savory and competitive context for the participants in the contest.

Five big clans are fighting for the supremacy in the plate, each of them leaded by a Romanian blogger specialized in gastronomy, photography or generalist info. The clans are:

  • Furious Fusili – represented by Cristina Mazilu (Mazilique)
  • Lasagne asasine – Teodora Rogobete (Teo’s kitchen)
  • Glorious Penne  –  Gabriel Oana (Gaben)
  • Honorable Spaghetti – Ana Naie (Easy Peasy)
  • Family Noodles –  Cristian China Birta (Chinezu).colaj

The fans of pasta recipes can enter the contest, depending their abilities in the kitchen and preferences, in one of the 5 thematic clans. The contest consists in preparing a recipe with one of the pastas in the contest, photo them and enter the photo in the dedicated Facebook app. The winners will be designated in terms of likes accumulated by each participating photo and the 16 awards are one trip for 2 in Sicily, 5 The Godfather collections on DVD and 10 awards consisting in pasta for a year (12 kilos of Hutton pasta/winner).

Initiated by Hutton pasta producer, the campaign aims to promote the tradition of pasta made in the family and to determine the preferences of Romanian pasta consumer when it comes of getting involved in preparing family meals, the info source and types of pasta used. Once with the start of the campaign, Hutton also relaunched its website, with a new design, more energetic and richer in specialized info and traditional recipes.