Romanian Baumix rebranded as Patru Maini (4hands)

Branding, Business

Baumix underwent a rebranding and became Patru Maini. The rebranding, made by Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers and Rusu+Bortun Cyber Growers, repositioned the brands in company’s portfolio and introduced a new marketing approach, focusing on helping the local communities.

Baumix, producer of building materials with over 10 years of activity on the Romanian market, became Patru Maini and positioned as integrator of services and solutions for home customization. The rebranding maintains Baumix just as a range of products, one of the 3 the company offers to its clients.

To support its positioning as integrator of services for home customization, Patru Maini considers working closely with architects, designers and builders, but also with the beneficiaries, in order to offer all the needed help to turn their home in one with a personal touch.

The rebranding process also sees the company focusing on helping the local communities where the brand is present, with a 1st campaign already up and aiming to help renovating 48 institutions (schools, homes for kids and hospitals) with help from buyers, volunteers and partners.

The rebranding process started in October 2012 and included internal audit for employees, external audit for partners and clients, identification of values and entreprenorial vision that are at the basis of new brand’s positioning. Besides the new name and visual identity, the process also involved rethinking brand’s architecture in the context of the new business strategy, introducing a new range of products and reposition the 2 existent ones.

Rusu+Borțun Brand Growers handled the branding, while advertising and digital were managed by Rusu+Bortun Cyber Growers.