Study: Romanians and their smartphones

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Our Mobile Planet, a study made globally by Google and Ipsos MediaCT, analyzed how spread smartphones are and the way they are used by their owners. made an article based on study’s results for Romania, where 1,000 people offered answers and declared they use smartphones to access the internet.

According to IQAds, 79% Romanians don’t leave their homes without their phone and 68% expect to have easy access to the websites they access from the phone, same as it is when they do that from PCs. Also, 55% consider the info gathered via a smartphone are relevant and say that, after they read something on the phone, they are also looking for the same info on PC or laptop.

More than a third of Romanian smartphone users (38%) consider their own phone more entertaining than TV and 35% would rather give up the TV set than their smartphone, writes

When it comes of smartphone’s usage, most of Romanians (72%) consider that this device is perfect for the moments when they have some time to waste like when they are waiting for a bus or a train. On the other hand, 66% say they access internet from a smartphone when they don’t have another device that can do that, 63% are happy they can get fast answers to their questions via their phone and 54% consider that internet on the phone is an accessory needed to any modern person.

From the Romanians that answered the study 9% are using a smartphone for top 3 months, 12% – for half a year and 25% – for a year at most. 25% own a smartphone for top 2 years and 21% – for 3 years.

The study sample in Romania consisted in 1,000 people aged 18-64 y.o. that said they use smartphones to access internet. Among them, 29% were women and 71% men. The data was collected in Q3 2012, via CATI method.

From the people interviewed, 87% live in towns, 3% in suburbs and 10% at the country side; 55% have higher education and 58% are full time employees, 15% are still studying, 3% have their own businesses and 7% are freelancers.