Sprite and McCann Bucharest unveil the truth about promotions: Win prizes that promote us!

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The newest Sprite campaign in Romania is using the idea “Win prizes that promote us”, was developed by McCann Erickson Romania and is active since June. This is the 1st campaign that unveils consumers the truth about promotions, including the Sprite promotion, and that is the fact that brands offer prizes that promote themselves also.

Using the slogan “Let the Sprite Truth Refresh You”, Sprite communicates, with the campaign, one of its most important values, and that’s calling the things on their name.

The campaign is declined on TV, outdoor, digital and in store. Campaign’s awards are won through a classical promotion mechanism (draw) and consist in: backpacks, bikes and a Nissan Juke car.

Because all the awards of the promotions are customized with organizer’s logo, you are advertising it every time hen you use them. This is the truth about promotions. A truth that Sprite isn’t afraid to tell: win prizes that will promote us. After Sprite-bike, Sprite-backpacks, Sprite-mobile and Sprite – cuckoo clock, we also launched Sprite-camera, the photo cam that only makes photos with a Sprite watermark

Sebastian Olar,

Copywriter McCann Erickson Romania.

The top point of the campaign is a photo exhibition, Sprite-Ografie, organized in McCann Erickson Romania’s yard.

The teams working on this campaign include

  • McCann Erickson Romania: Catalin Dobre – Executive Creative Director, Adrian Botan – Creative Partner, Ioana Filip – Group Creative Director, Sebastian Olar – Copywriter, Arpa Rezi – Art Director, Diana Ceausu – Head of Strategy, Lia Bira – Junior Art Director, Adrian Constantin – Digital Creative Planner, Dana Hogea – Client Service Director, Laura Aldea – Account Manager, Blanka Horvath – Account Executive, Tiberiu Munteanu – Head of AV Production, Adrian Radu – AV Producer, Roxana Zaharia – Photo Producer, Andreea Jurj – Designer, Carmen Bistrian – Corporate Communication Manager
  • MRM Romania: Nir Refuah – GM, Ionela Buta – Client Service Director, Matei Goncea – Account Manager, Mihaela Coman – Copywriter, Florin Ciobanu – Art Director, Dany Manea – Programmer
  • Universal McCann: Corina Mocanu – Media Manager, Sandina Vlad – Group Account Director, Victor Croitoru – Planning Director, Luminita Visu – Digital Planner and Alexandru Aliesei – AdOps Specialist
  • McCann PR: Lavinia Chican – Account Director, Emilia Florea – Senior Account Executive, Ciprian Ene – Account Executive
  • Production House: Family Film with Giuliano Domani and Serban Rogoveanu – producers, Andreea Paduraru – Director and Tudor Lucaciu – DOP

The campaign is active in Romania and  Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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