Ciuc Premium and ALIAT discuss with the Romanian public on how to enjoy responsibly a music festival


Ciuc Premium involves Romanian consumers in an active dialogue about moderate alcohol consumption, at Padina Music festival, where the beer brand is launching the 1st program to reduce the effects of the excessive drinking (Harm Reduction) in recreational spaces. The program is launched together with ALIAT (Alliance to fight against alcoholism and drug related problems).

During the festival, the program aims to make people understand why excessive music is good, but alcohol must be drunk with moderation.

Between July 31st – August 4th, the festival participants can visit a special tent where they will receive info on how to drink responsibly, how to avoid excesses and to reduce the possible secondary effects of the excessive drinking.

ALIAT specialists will be prepared to offer info, advises and to redirect towards medical services those that might need it.

Our mission is to promote the moderate alcohol consumption with all our communication. Ciuc Premium is the official beer of Live Music and supports some of the biggest musical events in Romania. Therefore, we think we should exploit this opportunity to discuss with the consumers on how they can enjoy their favorite music in a responsible way. We are proud to support Aliat in launching their first Harm Reduction program organized my a music festival in Romania and to have a responsible dialogue with our consumers

Onno Rombouts,

Managing Director Heineken Romania.