Birth control app, developed by Medic One, SeniorHyper and Mobile Works

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 MedicOne, SeniorHyper and Mobile Works developed, for Smart Girls community, Sex Predictor, a birth control app that likes women enjoy sex with their partners without any worries.

It’s more to the app than one can see at the first sight, although the copy is attractive and the tone is friendly; the app hides more benefits than the obvious ones, trying to educate women on how to have a healthy sexual life without any repercussions.


The app is part of an educational campaign on birth control developed by the 3 companies of Lowe Romania group for Smart Girls community.

The app is available on Facebook and it can be downloaded from App Store by scanning a QR code. The users that access the app receive customized daily or periodical notifications that help them prevent unwanted pregnancy and also have access to a monthly fertility calendar.

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The purpose of this campaign is a very clear one: education on birth control. In Romania, there is still not enough talk about this sensitive and important subject, although the number of abortions at national level is alarmingly big – last year there were around 400 of them a day, according to an Eurostat study. Medic One signed, in the beginning of 2000, the first campaigns on birth control in Romania but, 13 years later, there’s still need for education and for a serious debate on this subject and Smart Girls platform is an important step in this direction

Oana Cociasu,

Managing Partner Medic One.

 SeniorHyper handled the creative concept of the app and its digital implementation, while Mobile Works handled the development and adaptation of the campaign for mobile.

The app had, until now, 3,481 visitors and 3,100 Facebook users and over 3,800 downloads on iPhones, reaching number one in AppStore in its category