Romanian PR Award’s communication concept in 2013, signed by Vitrina Advertising

Branding, Creativity, Festivals & Awards

Vitrina Advertising created for Forum for International Communication the new graphic concept of Romanian PR Award, the most important PR competition in Romania.

After 10 years of celebrating excellency in PR, the organizers of Romanian PR Award decided to mark the start of a new decade with important changes in judging criteria and the way the competition takes place. Those changes were reunited in an innovative concept, translated into a fresh visual language.

Started from origami, we developed a concept that reflects very well, we think, the direction that Romanian PR Award wants to follow from now on. Practically, the traditional oriental art of plying paper allows you to be creative and innovative and to achieve amazing impactful results, even if you completely respect the rules of the game.

Origami doesn’t have only a decorative dimension, but it is also used as a non-formal educational method, can support mathematical demonstrations and it is even associated with certain forms of therapy. Public Relations have as complex valences and this is the reason the 2 types of art are present side by side in the concept we came up with

Vlad Chichisan,

Copywriter Vitrina Advertising.

Vitrina Advertising’s team that worked in developing the new concept included Vlad Chichisan – Copywriter, Camelia Imbuzan – Art Director and Laura Laurentiu – PR Manager.

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