Anim’est campaign for 2013, signed by Ogilvy

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Ogilvy Romania signs the campaign to promote the 8th edition of Anim’Est, international animation festival that takes place in Bucharest on October 4th-13th. This is the 6th year in a row when Ogilvy&Mather makes the communication campaign for the festival.

Anim’Est campaign is declined in print, outdoor and TV.

Animest 2013 1

Because last year’s campaign “Join the Miracle of Animation” managed to bring more viewers than anytime and because the fact Anim’Est keeps taking place every year is, in the end, a miracle, we decided to continue. The official ad of the festival has already dedicated fans, both among public and within our bi team. So I thank to those that work on it (…)

Vlad Ilicevici,

Festival director

poster 2013 creepy

Last year, when the idea of Animation’s Miracle appeared, we all from Ogilvy and the entire festival team said that this is what resumes the best what Anim’Est does in Romania for so many years and what animation does in general. Maybe that’s why we couldn’t give up on it. Therefor, at the 8th edition of Anim’est, Animation’s Miracle returns. The same shepard, the same stable, but with a slightly different attitude. Let’s say it caught a little Romanian entrepreneurial spirit. Our shepard know now his powers and started making miracles continuously. The idea was to make it even more Romanian, closer to the universe where Anim’est takes place and here’s where the more entrepreneurial attitude comes from. With this in mind, we chose the characters, almost all are as authentic as possible, without a lot of make-up or a lot of props

Cristi Simion,

Group Creative Director Ogilvy&Mather

The production house was Abis, while Radu Muntean was the director. Ogilvy’s team included Albert Nica, Dani Macarie, Cristian Dita, Cristian Simion and Cristi Serban (AV).