Saatchi & Saatchi Romania developed the creative concept for Internet & Mobile World 2013


Saatchi & Saatchi Romania developed the creative concept for Internet & Mobile World 2013’s communication. As Marketing Technologies Partner, the agency handled the conceiving, development, coordination and implementation of the communication campaign for Internet & Mobile World 2013. For this, the agency developed the online platform and handled the strategic communication of the event in social media.

The creative concept – “The second cominh” – is a ludic interpretation of an expression with religious connotations. Speaking about the 2nd edition of an event that redefines standards, the characters – presented as digital apostles – are trying to fulfill the prophecies that are yet unfulfilled and to prove, during this year’s edition, that it is the moment to open the eyes towards new digital and mobile horizons.

Mona Opran

We chose to associate with Internet & Mobile World because it is a complex event targeting all those interested in innovation and using technology in communication, including for us and our clients. In the modern advertising, technology with no insights doesn’t reach consumers and insights without technology aren’t heard anymore

Mona Opran,

COO Saatchi & Saatchi.

Integrating tech in marketing and communication brings creativity and innovation to new standards, engages communities in subjects with real value and allow brands to have a dialogue more transparent than ever. This is the philosophy both Saatchi&Saatchi and organizers of Internet & Mobile World believe in.

The idea of partnership came normally, in the context of digital focus adopted by Saatchi & Saatchi, and IMW team proved to be extremely receptive not just to the strategy ideas and communication messages, but also in developing the needed infrastructure to support the event by developing and redesign the website and the participants’ registering platform and also supporting event’s communication on Facebook and in other social networks

Gabriel Sora,

Head of Digital & Inovation Saatchi & Saatchi.

The partnership with Saatchi & Saatchi was instrumental to bring Internet & Mobile World at the next level. The creative concept, the consultancy for the communication strategy and the team of top speakers represented a strategic intake in the formula of the second edition of the evemt. In an unavoidable digital future, Saatchi & Saatchi is a partner one feels comfortable with, knowing his creative and digital strategy is correct and delivers results

Cristian Hossu,

Founder and organizer Internet and Mobile World.

IMW’s campaign includes a TV ad, print, radio and online (banners and website)