Purcari Wine House launched #vindinmoldova campaign in Romania

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Purcari Wine House launched the campaign #vindinmoldova, that aims to raise the popularity of Moldavian wines in Romania. The campaign is the result of the sympathy Romanians showed towards wine makers in Moldavia, following the embargo impose by Russia starting September 10th.

With this campaign, we want to thank Romania for the unconditional support shown during these hard times. Romania was always an key market for Purcari and its importance increased even more after the restrictions imposed by Russia (…)

Victor Bostan,

CEO Purcari Wine House.

The campaign has a positive tone, despite the critical situation the wine producers in Moldavia are in.

We aimed to make fun of problems and focus on a message to celebrate the unity of the 2 shores (of Prut river), but also the small and sometimes funny differences that characterize us. In the same time, we are making an appeal to our Romanian friends to continue to support Moldavia and its wines because, as the campaign says, the wine doesn’t turn into water

Tatiana Denisenco,

Marketing Director

Purcari Wine House invites Romanians from everywhere to join the campaign and sent their own versions of campaign messages via company’s website, Facebook page or Twitter, by using the hashtag #vindinmoldova. The most inspired messages will be awarded and promoted by the company.

Purcari Wine House, founded in 1827, is the most known wine house in Moldavia and won over 140 international accolades at international competitions