Inspiration Challenge – the 1st exhibition inspired by Avon’s perfumes

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Avon Romania organized, on October 9th, the opening of the exhibition “Inspiration Challenge”, during which talented Romanian young artists were challenged to create 10 objects inspired by 10 Avon perfumes.

Through Inspiration Challenge, Avon Romania encourages one more time the beauty in all its forms and brings in the spotlight the unconventional artistic manifestations, bringing together the perfumes’ smelling universe with the art of young artists (…)

Bogdan Berdacovici,

PR & Advertising Manager Avon Romania.

The artists that answer to Avon’s challenge were Lana – fashion designer, Raluca Buzura – contemporary jewels designer, Istvan Cimpan – fashion designer, Maria Dermengiu – visual artist, Anca Vintilă (Una ca Luna) – painted porcelain,  Anca Fetcu (Anca Fetcu Design) – objects designer, Irina Neacsu (thecraftlab) – architect and designer, Cosmina Nicolescu (Fandacsia) – hatter, Marta Popescu – photographer and Andreea Ioana Stelea – glass artist.

Anca Fetcu inspired by Passion Dance Anca Vintila inspired by Rare Pearls Andreea Stelea inspired by Pur Blanca Avon Inspiration Challenge -1 Avon Inspiration Challenge -2 Avon Inspiration Challenge -3 Avon Inspiration Challenge -4 Avon Inspiration Challenge -5 Fandacsia inspired by Incandessence Irina Neacsu inspired by Black Suede Touch Istvan Cimpan inspired by Full Speed Lana inspired by Today Maria Dermengiu inspired by Rare Gold Marta Popescu inspired by Perceive Raluca Buzura inspired by Little Black Dress