News with extra fun, ingredient in a campaign for Jacobs 3+1 signed by iLeo and Starcom

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Romanian agencies iLeo and Starcom (part of Publicis Romania group) signed “News with extra fun”, a campaign for Jacobs 3in1 + Topping that took place between September 19th and October 2nd.

The campaign aimed to offer people an extra fun moment at work, without stopping their professional activity, and that’s the reason why Jacobs 3in1 + Topping partnered with a Romanian satire website – – in order to transform the hottest news and jokes in audio content, aimed to reach in everyone’s headphones.

The interpreted Times New Roman news are available in 3 styles, to match the extra toppings, namely Vanilla, Cioco and Caramel

Jacobs 3in1 + Topping and Times New Roman was a special project because we wanted to popularize the new product with a special execution. 3in1 target is extremely present on digital channels and, for them, it isn’t something new to have promotional and branding banners on websites. That was also the reason why we wanted to bring in the spotlight Jacobs 3in1 innovation with an as innovative project, that would grab their attention and make them discover the new Jacobs 3in1 + Topping, that will offer them a dose of extra fun

Anca Mitoseru,

Assistant Brand Manager Jacobs Mixes.

Usually, online, we read something on a website or an e-mail and we listen to music in our headsets. Same applies to fun: we make 2 or more things in the same time to really have a good time. You are having fun reaing the news on Times New Roman, but there’s place for more.

The extra fun came from Jacobs 3in1 + Topping with the news to listen. It’s an extra for the users to be able to listen to the best news of the week interpreted by the 3 toppins (Cioco, Vanilla and Caramel), and jokes are even beter when you can hear them

Paul Cioc,

Copywriter iLeo.

The teams working on the campaign included:

  • iLeo: Anca Stefan (Brand Comm Director), Paul Cioc (Copywriter), Andrei Dobrescu (Art Director), Tiberiu Trandaburu (Web Developer).
  • Starcom: Anca Ludu (Digital Planner).
  • Mondelez/ Jacobs 3in1+Topping: Anca Mitoseru (Assistant Brand Manager Jacobs Mixes) and Raluca Velcu (Brand Manager Convenient Coffee).