One day@The Geeks – a training-challenge for Romanian copywriters in the start of their career


The Geeks, Romanian communication agency that reunites competencies such as strategy, creation and digital implementation, launched One Day@The Geeks, a creative competition targeting those who want to start a career in advertising. At the end of the project, the best among the candidates selected to participate to project’s Day 0 will have the chance to join The Geeks team.

One Day@The Geeks is structured on two stages, with first being an online competition (during which the people interested must enter and send their solutions for the creative brief available on After the 1st stage, 15 from those who apply will be selected to spend a workshop day together with The Geeks team.

The second stage will be fulfilled together with agency’s team, with the selected applicants to pass through the complete process of producing creative concepts for digital, from understanding the client brief, structuring strategic and creative process to work in team and present the concepts.

When we arranged for recruiting interviews, we saw with sadness that, among the good specialists in the industry, there are also people with years of experience in communication agencies that never passed through a complete process: from communication strategy to creation, implementation and execution. Therefor, they are incapable to distinguish between a strategic idea, a creative idea or an execution one.  They cannot follow the red thread of an idea and they cannot create integrated campaign, based on ideas that contribute to their clients’ business objectives

Costin Radu,

Managing Partner, The Geeks.

That is why we want that, for each recruiting process, to contribute, even for just a bit, to changing this situation, which is specific to the industry. Therefor, with One Day@The Geeks, we invite some of those that apply for a copywriter job to see exactly how the thinking process is structured in our agency and, even if they don’t get a job with us, they leave from this interaction with a working model that, if they consider useful, they can apply wherever they end up working in communication

Costin Radu.

The purpose One Day@The Geeks, besides recruiting, is to expose juniors to a type of creative process that help them to pass from “I don’t know exactly what the idea is, but it will look extremely cool on pink” to “the premise on which my idea is based on is…”. A junior copy that can think on the brief, starting from its premises, has the gift to save from headaches most of the brainstormings he is involved in in the future

Miruna Antonescu,

Senior Creative Planner The Geeks.