RTB HOUSE – a new Polish brand on online advertising market

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RTB House is an agency specialized in buying advertising on Real-Time Bidding (RTB) model and appeared as a result of a dynamic development of the team working in RTB as part of the AdPilot Group, that managed to acquire hundreds of clients on 26 markets in Europe, Asia, and northern Africa.

RTB House developed and implemented its own technology for purchasing adverts via Real-Time Bidding (RTB) model. RTB is a system that allows users to auction for advertising space in real time. As each advertising display is independently auctioned and decisions are made on the spot, RTB platforms are often compared, when it comes of complexity, to modern systems utilized by financial markets.

RTB House solutions involves a platform and algorithms that allow the participation in ad spaces auctions in real time (DSP) and tools for optimization and recommendation, along with a dynamic creation of advertising creatives online.

RTB House also offers to its clients campaigns based on customized re-targeting, carefully selecting ad content to match the profile of a certain user.

The management of RTB House consists in Robert Dyczkowski (CEO), Bartlomiej Romanski (responsible for the technological aspects), and Daniel Surmacz (business operations).

According to Surmacz, months of intense work leaded to the creation of a specialized team that is prepared for further organic evolution.

In less than a year, we hired over 70 people and we are constantly recruiting new talents in the IT and business departments. We’ve also acquired hundreds of clients around the world. We’ve decided that this is the perfect time to become more independent and thus we’ve created our own brand – while relying on the experience and knowledge of the team previously responsible for RTB in the AdPilot Group – the team will work on solutions tailor-made for the dynamically evolving needs of companies operating online

Daniel Surmacz.

Chief Operating Officer

RTB House is currently running nearly 350 advertising campaigns and operates on 26 markets in Europe, Asia and northern Africa, including Poland, France, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Morocco and Netherlands.

In a short time, we’ve reached the status of one of the leading companies in the RTB industry in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. We are also working hard to spread our reach further into Western Europe. In the nearest future, we will focus on developing solutions dedicated to sectors of the market other than e-commerce, which we will present to our Polish and foreign clients. We want to show that personalized retargeting can bring about profit to advertisers in every industry

Robert Dyczkowski,

CEO RTB House.

RTB House is a Polish tech agency with operations all over the world, active on the market since 2012 and operating under RTB House name since September 2013

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