ThinkDigital Romania adds new names to its portfolio of clients

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ThinkDigital Romania announced closing negotiations and adding to its sales network new local publishers and niche website, which also lead to increasing network’s traffic.

The company announced that, compared with the first 3 quarters of 2012, the reach of the Facebook premium campaigns increased, in 2013, by 30%, due to the increase of active users within the social network; a similar phenomena was registered also when it comes of Skype, where the increase was of over 37%.

When it comes of Romanian local publishers, as an average of combined unique visitors, the first 3 quarters of 2013 generated an 100% traffic growth within the network, that includes now over 40 websites.

ThinkDigital’s visibility increased due to the fact that we’re representing, at local level, important global players such Facebook and Skype are, and our interest for local publishers didn’t diminished, but exactly the contrary. We think our offer, that is unique for the moment, in which we combine the local network with advertisers access to global platforms, apps and technologies (such are AppNexus or DG MediaMind) is a mix that brought us on the position of main provider of online ad spaces and solutions for digital advertising for many important media agencies and for key clients on the market

Dragos Stanca,

Managing Partner ThinkDigital Romania.

When it comes of new name that joined its portfolio, ThinkDigital announced (2.4M unique viewers per month) joined its offer of News websites,  adding to (3.9M unique visitors per month, up 38% compared to 2012) and (2.2M unique visitors, up 160% compared to 2012). Also in News websites, in the Tabloid section, ThinkDigital is selling ads on

When it comes of Business websites, this category posted an important growth due to the performance of (over 580.000 unique visitors per month, 160% increase in 2013 compared to 2012).

Also new in ThinkDigital’s News websites portfolio are specialized websites such as  (150.000 uniques per month) or (100.000) and the local news website (1.3M uniques per month).

Increases were also registered in Women Lifestyle, with ThinkDigital also representing and (1M unique visitors per month each).

Going Out websites increased in 2013 by 72%, with,, and, as a novelty, the domain with the highest growth during the last year, (120.000 unique visitors per  month).

In Entertainment, the increase was of 70%, generated by already known brands like, but also by new unconventional products, such as YouTube show & website si site-ul “Has Dosse” with Mikey Hash or, starting November 2013, Romanian comedy projects from Sector 7 . 

ThinkDigital is part of TDG group, an important player in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe digital marketing. The 4 companies of the group – ThinkDigital, ForestView, ShoppingNetwork and TailWind EMEA – are working together with important local publishers and international partners among which Facebook, MSN, Skype, Appnexus and DG MediaMind in order to work efficiently with advertisers, publishers and consumers in the region.