Customer Loyality – 60% of companies consider it a strategic priority

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Expo Media is organizing, on November 21st, the most important Romanian event dedicated to attracting and loyalizing the clients, “Customer Loyalty & CRM Forum 2013“, scheduled to take place at  JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.

“Consumer is the king” is a more and more heard formula among mareting people, as today is the time when consumer is free to choose anything and companies are fighting for his attention. The differentiation is a challenge and digital revolution is rapidly changing consumers’ habits. Having a quality service isn’t sufficient anymore to attract clients, they need the story behind the rand, an authentic story they can identify with, and customized  communication.

Over 50% from companies that increased loyalization budgets during the last 2 years also registered increases in their turnovers, according to a Forrester study released this year. The same study shows as the most important business objectives for loyalization programs: clients’ retention – 70%, clients’ involvement – 64% and earnings – 34%. Only 14% mentioned consumers’ experiences among their objectives .

Online has a crucial role in establishing relations with clients and one of the decisive ways in loyalization became the rapidity a company answers to clients’ demands. Online presence without permanent activities doesn’t generate results anymore

Starting from these punctual realities and from the latest global trends in Customer Retention Management (CRM), Expo Media organizes the 5th edition of Customer Loyalty & CRM Forum, a business event reuniting experts from known local and international companies, with solid and applied know-how in loyalization, retention and CRM. Bringing the tradition forward, the conference will focus on most useful and efficient instruments for Customer Relationship Management, loyalization and retention, tech and strategy.

Among the discussion themes:  

  • Loyal customers – theory versus practice
  • Correct way to create and invest in a loyalization program
  • Complaints as a strategic element in loyalizing the clients
  • Consumers’ feedback versus turnover
  • How to identify CRM and the proper provider
  • How to measure the impact of a CRM application in marketing, sales, clients operations

The speakers of the conference are authentic leaders, with reputation based on professionalism and performance in their professional activities. They are Mihai Dragnea – Global Retention Manager Bitdefender, Gabriel Prefac – Experienced Customer Operations Manager Groupama Asigurari Romania, Marcela Stoica – Senior Management Skills Developer Customer Service School, Teodora Migdalovici – Ambassador Cannes Lions Romania, Bogdana Baltasiu – Business Development Director CuponReducere.

When it comes of clients’ loyalization, the things became simple: we don’t afford the luxury to look for new clients. We must do everything we can to keep those we were collaborated at some point in time, as they are the resistance pillars of our business. We are close to Customer Loyalty and CRM Forum from its first edition and we understand why it keeps having success: it approaches the subjects that influence directly companies’ turnovers

Oana Balteanu,

Managing Director, Customer Service School.

Retention and loyality are different! When we come to speak about retention, beautiful mass-market type stories aren’t helping anymore and one knows already that the business processes behind them weren’t working; once you start, you won’t stop anymore, because retention is unstoppable when you want to grow from money that otherwise you’d lose

Mihai Dragnea,

Global Retention Manager, Bitdefender.

The conference will be hosted by Mircea Criveanu, Loyalty Director, The Hub Partners.

The event is supported by the following partners:  Competence Call Center – Silver Partner,  Cannes Lions – Strategic Partner, Customer Service School – Supporting Partner, Bitdefender and Mistery Shopping Agency – Partners and the media partners Romania Libera, Manager Express, AdHugger, Business Arena, Gadget Trends and Sensiblu.