Starcom continues HumanGraphExperience with “Health Habits Nowadays”


Starcom continues HumanGraphExperience with “Health Habits Nowadays – Overview of the Romanian Health Habits”, an info-graphic showing that Romanians have a passive attitude towards maintaining their health, reacting only to remedy, not to prevent. although they are aware of the activities need to maintain their health, they don’t practice them frequently

48% Romanians agree with the need of practicing a sport, but 73% didn’t do any sport during the last 12 months. When it comes of favorite sport, 69% say they enjoy walks, with only 16% doing that on daily basis.

On the other hand, 50% Romanians want a job without stress, but, in the same time, 50% of them work more than 8 hours a day and are the main responsible for managing their household.

Apparently, Romanians’ general health level is good, with 58% saying they don’t have any disease and 33% going to doctors for routine checks.

 The purpose of those infographic is related to understanding certain attitudes consumers have and presenting them in a friendly and accessible manner. This month, we chose health exactly because, despite the multitude of campaigns centered on health idea, Romania scores very poorly in a lot of rankings related to health. The info-graphic covers more important themes; attitude towards sport, frequent health checks and a more extended presentation for food choices

Rodica Mihalache,

Head of Consumer & Business Insights Starcom.

Starcom MediaVest Group launched in February the HumanGraphExperience series with the intention to offer constant and relevant info on the dynamic of the relationship between consumers and brands and the impact its evolution has over the way brands act on the market. The info-graphics represent a long term initiative and represent a part of the analysis results from  agency’s Consumer Understanding department.