Where do Europeans travel? Romanians & Italians go to London, Hungarians – to Bangkok and Bulgarians – to Copenhagen

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Romanians and Italians seem to  love Italian weather, as London is their preferred travel destination, while Hungarians are travelling mostly to Bangkok and Paris, French people are choosing Tunis and Germans – to Istanbul, according to an analysis made between January-November 2013 by the online tourism agency Tripsta.ro.

According to the research, the preferred destination for Romanians is London, the British capital being number one also on Italians’ travel lists. After UK, Romanians travel most to Istanbul and Vienna, Berlin and Paris. The top 10 destinations of interest for Romanians are completed, for the analyzed period, by Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Athens, Frankfurt and Brussels.

Although they like Paris also, Hungarians rank French capital 2nd on their travel list, after Bangkok. They are also travelling a lot to Lisbon, New York or Dusseldorf.

While Nordics are more interested by Black Sea resorts, Bulgarians are returning the visits and pick Copenhagen as their  main travel destination. After Denmark, the travel list for Bulgarians also include countries with Germanic background, so they visit Vienna and Berlin, but also destinations renown for their pleasant summers, such are Athens and Madrid.

Although their capital is a very important touristic attraction, French people chose to travel to Tunis and Athens, but also have Istanbul, Bangkok, Lisbon and Prague on their list. On the other hand, Brits like to visit Paris, with next in top being Helsinki, Berlin and Athens.

At their turn, Italians are in love with London, but also travel a lot to New York, Moscow, Bangkok, Belgrade or Istanbul.

Greeks, that have Athens as tourists magnet, travel abroad mainly to Istanbul and Amsterdam, but also to Munich, London or Paris. Germans have on top of their travel list Athens, but also like to go to Istanbul, Madrid, Paris and Copenhagen.

The study took in consideration the flight reservations made between January and November within the entire Tripsta European network and aimed to highlight the travelling habits and the way they vary from region to region and country to country.