BBC World News study: Mobile advertising, more effective than desktop ads

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BBC World News and have released recently the results of the world’s first global study into the usage of mobile devices by affluent consumers, a research conducted by Millward Brown. Research showed that most affluent consumer prefer to check news on their mobile phones, up 15% compared to 2012, while those who use their tablet to do so increased 9%. In the same time, the number of people checking news on the desktop decreased 17%.

The study surveyed 6,000 smartphone owners in Australia, Germany, Sweden, India, Hong Kong and the US. It compared the habits of affluent consumers – the highest 20 per cent income earners in each country – to those of the general population.

Over half (51%) of affluent consumers use mobile phones for business, compared to 40% of the general population, the study shows, adding that affluent consumers are 18% more likely to share their location in order to get relevant services. On the other hand, 39% access the internet on their phones at least once every hour.

Affluent consumers are using news apps for their mobile phones, while general population favors the social network apps.

When it comes of brands, a third of affluent consumers believe that, if a brand wants to be modern and dynamic, it needs to be on mobile.

With the raise of mobile devices, it isn’t a surprise that mobile ads are twice as effective compared to desktop ones when it comes of awareness, favourability and purchase intent amongst the total population and four times as effective among affluent consumers.

High-income earners are as positive towards advertising on mobile (19%) as desktop (18%). The percentage who are happy to see ads on mobile websites rises to 41% for sites where the content is free.

Study’s results show smartphones’ increasing importance to affluent consumers and the extent to which mobile devices are integrated into their personal and business lives, as improved technology enables greater engagement with content. Also, as shown by study’s results, affluent consumers are significantly more receptive to mobile advertising than the general population.

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BBC survey’s infographic – source BBC World News