Romanian actor Florin Calinescu supports women drivers, in a campaign for Woman’s Day

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Women driving cars in Romanian capital Bucharest are bound to be surprised from March 5th to March 8th as they will receive a gift that will improve their life in traffic: signs with positive messages as answer to the unfriendly reactions of nervous drivers.

Present in the most crowded intersection in Bucharest, the signs will tell women to “Smile”, that “Nobody’s perfect” and that “Today it’s my day” and will help women to react better when they are verbally attacked, to avoid a possible conflict and bring a more pleasant attitude in Bucharest’s traffic.

During the 3 days of the campaign, over 1,000 signs will be distributed by policemen and volunteers. 

The image of the campaign is the Romanian actor Florin Calinescu, that plays the nervous driver in the promotional ad. The campaign is initiated by DallesGo School, with support from GMP PR, the national syndicate of police agents in Romania, Insidio Media, and BRONEC.

The idea of the campaign “Let’s love each other like in traffic” came from the fact that most men consider that women don’t know how to drive. Constantly, in Bucharest, women behind the wheel are targeted by horn sounds, aggressive words or obscene gestures. The campaign aims to offer women drivers a more pleasant experience in traffic and to improve the relations between the participants in Bucharest’s traffic

Besides the signs to be distributed and the ad, the campaign also has its own Facebook page