GMP Group Romania appointed Cristina Butunoi as its PR Director


As part of its integration strategy, GMP Group appointed Cristina Butunoi as its new PR Director, with the mission to handle internal and external communication for the group.

Cristina comes in a moment when GMP Group is in the stage of its consolidation on Romanian communication market, when it’s needed for group’s agencies to act and communicate in an integrated manner. When you say GMP Group, you say entrepreneurship and creativity. Because entrepreneurs feel the easiest how it is to be in client’s shoes and act in partnership with him. Moreover, we are independent and proud of it. Cristina understood our spirit and we are happy she accepted this challenge, that’s not at all easy. After all, I think it is the hardest job in the group

Felix Tataru,

President GMP Group.

Cristina Butunoi has 11 years of experience in communication and PR and, previous to that, also 3 years of experience in financial journalism. In the last five and a half years, she was part of Action Global Communications’s team, when she was Account Manager and than Account Director.

Cristina Butunoi, PR Director GMP Group Romania - Source: GMP PR
Cristina Butunoi, PR Director GMP Group Romania – Source: GMP PR

I wanted to join the team because it seemed an unique opportunity, to work with 6 entrepreneurs with different cultures and support their efforts to align, but remain independent in the same time

Cristina Butunoi.

GMP Group includes GMP Advertising partener Jung von Matt, Webstyler, GMP PR, Point Public Affairs, GO Studio and Chapter 4. With over 140 employees distributed within the 6 companies, GMP Group is an independent, entrepreneurial group, creatively inspired in all its disciplines: advertising, digital, events, public affairs, design, PR.