UPDATED: Agerpres, Romanian state news agency, is now 125 years old


(adds info on Romanian Royal House offering accolades to Agerpres representatives)

Romanian state news agency Agerpres celebrates the 125th anniversary since its apparition, on March 27th 1889. In March 1889, the Foreign Minister P. P. Carp signed the document that marked the birth of Romania’s first news agency, which was back than named Romania’s Telegraphic Agency.

The agency started its activity one month later after Carp signed the document, on April 11th, when it sent to Vienna the 1st telegram, basically the first news.

From the 1st telegram until multimedia news, Agerpres relayed, for 125 years, the most important info in Romania and also abroad, covering events from areas like culture, documentation, politics, economy or high level meetings.

In September 2013, Agerpres rebranded, changing its visual identity and introducing a new format that focuses on developing the multimedia area, an orientation towards online and conceptualizing complete journalism.

With fast alerts, launching the mobile app, developing its activity on social media networks and creation of new newsfeeds, Agerpres continues to adapt to the changes of international mass-media 

The celebration of 125 years represents, for me, an extremely special day and a reason to be proud. I am honored to be part from the team of the 1st press agency in Romania. Together with my colleagues, we managed to bring forward Agerpres’ values and the mission to promptly and objectively inform.

During the last year, Agerpres underwent a rebranding process, took over the presidency of  ABNA-SE (The Association of the Balkan News Agencies), we were present to international conferences dedicated to mass-media and we consolidated the relations with the EANA (The European Alliance of Press Agencies) agencies.

The most recent external project developed by Agerpres was the one with Thomson Reuters Foundation, collaboration through which we organized the first intensive training dedicated to investigative journalism. Not the least, Romania’s Royal House honored us with the decoration “Nihil Sine Deo”, offered with the occastion of the 125th anniversary. Sure, our projects aren’t stopping here, I wish Agerpres to become the most important news provider in Eastern Europe

Alexandru Giboi,

General Manager Agerpres  

Agerpres was decorated, Wednesday evening, by Romanian Royal House with the distinction ”Nihil Sine Deo”, to mark this way the 125th anniversary since the agency started its activity.

The decoration was handed by Princess Margareta of Romania, in the name of His Majesty King Mihai I, to Agerpres’ General Manager Alexandru Giboi, during a ceremony that took place at Peles Castle in Sinaia.

Princess Margareta of Romania and Agerpres' General Manager Alex Giboi. Photo by Razvan Chirita, Source: Agerpres
Princess Margareta of Romania and Agerpres’ General Manager Alex Giboi. Photo by Razvan Chirita, Source: Agerpres

The distinction was given to the agency to mark the 125th anniversary since it started its activity but also for “correct, impartial and prompt informing the Romanians and the world about Romania”, as the agency represents “a solid information source, with very big coverage” 

Agerpres’ presence at Peles Castle, among important personalities of the Romanian society, was both a honor and a recognition of Agerpres’ value. The decoration received by the agency from the Romanian Royal House, handed by Her Royal Highness Princess Margareta, has a huge symbolic value for us

Alexandru Giboi,

General Manager Agerpres