Acting as business communication technique from Actelier, Romanian studio to launch on May 12th

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Well-known Romanian actors will teach acting techniques to be applied in business communication starting May 12th, the date when Actelier will launch on Romanian market.

Actelier is a workshops studio that takes over acting techniques and teaches their application in business communication. Conceived as a 12 weeks training, Actelier is the place where professional actors and business people meet.

The main objective of the workshops consists in developing and unveiling professional abilities less explored, that can transform an ordinary business situation (business meetings, presentations to client, interview for press or speeches) into a career opportunity or in personal business: from assuming the exposing in front of an audience to achieving the confidence reported to different interlocutors or perfecting the negotiations and argumentation abilities.

For the workshops launch, Actelier prepared a series of interviews with well known Romanian actors. Marius Manole, Andi Vasluianu, Crina Semciuc and Florin Piersic Jr. accepted Actelier’s challenge to discuss their perspective over acting and about how assuming specific techniques could generate added creativity and innovation for the professional activity.  

Acting helped me to understand myself. To see my faults, to see my qualities and to put them in balance; and to realize that I cannot live without either faults or qualities. That I need them all together. Acting balanced me, in a way

Andi Vasluianu

On the benefits of adapting acting techniques to business communication, Marius Manole said that “acting gives some sort of safety and self-awareness. You can know yourself better with acting and, if you know yourself better, you have more self-confidence and know what to do with yourself in this world”

Referring to the business environment and the way acting can influence people in their profession,  Crina Semciuc says “it would help them get over certain situations better. Because, the moment you know yourself very well, you know what you need to do to go forward. When you trust yourself, things are naturally working” 

 The trainers Camelia Pintilie and Mihai Muntenita, both with valuable experience in film and theater acting, will come up with practical tasks and exercises, inspired from professional actors’ preparation and adapted to the individual professional experiences of each of the participants.