MOL and DDB Romania launched a new campaign to reward MOL’s clients


MOL and DDB Romania launched a new campaign aimed to reward the loyality of customers that are using MultiBonus card to fuel their cars in the national oil stations network.

As MOL’s slogan says, we target those “that want more” so the objective of each promotion we’re launching is to add to the experience in our oil stations a positive dimension, that makes a pleasure for you to come back to us. And, with this creative campaign, our partners from DDB come up with ideas in line with the same brand positioning and manage to highlight a loyalization program that is unique through its dimensions and complexity in our sector, and which is appreciated by our consumers

Maria Petric,

Loyalty Operations Manager MOL Romania.

As spring is the perfect time to start travelling by car, we aim to transform each ride, until May 11th, into a winning one. We are promoting a mechanism through which you have luck every time you fuel your car in MOL Romania’s  oil stations: you automatically receive MultiBonus points for each liter of fuel, you can win a RON 250 card for fuel on daily basis. And the luckiest person that takes part in the campaign can win a new Fiat 500L”

Roxana Memetea,

Managing Partner DDB Romania.

The promotion is taking place in MOL oil stations in Romania and is announced with posters, online banners, totems, wobblers, promotional metallic frames, press executions and Facebook actions