Storience handled the branding for a Romanian seaside camping site


Zotile Toys, network of online and offline stores selling sport shoes, invites the public to the seaside, in a bohemian camping that spreads on 4000 square meters,  Sandalandala.


Sandalandala brand was built with help from Storience, the same agency that signed Zorile Store’s rebranding in 2012. Storience created the name, the visual identity, brand strategy and location branding elements. The location branding elements were made in collaboration with Arhidot architecture bureau.


Sandalandala name and logo express disorder and the libertinism specific to Vama Veche, where it’s OK to be upside down and all it’s too organized seriously damages holidays (…) But it is a studied and controlled disorder, as the campin atmosphere is, where you are allowed to have fun the way you want, but in hygienic and safe conditions rarely found in Romanian campings

Adriana Liute

Managing Partner Storience.  

Campaign’s sloan – “Take off your worries” – is also a subtle hint to the shoes business handled by Zorile Store, which initiated the Sandalandala project.

Vama Veche’s Sandalandala camping can accommodate 400 tents, has a terrace that can accommodate 100 people and, in premiere for a Romanian camping, an outdoor cinema. Also, there are over 400 trees inside the camping and the space has all the facilities needed for a decent holiday. Moreover, Sandalandala offers to those that are addicted to online free internet wireless and 30 plugs where they can recharge their devices.


The inauguration of Sandalandala is made with an innovative campaign, with the camping offering free accommodation for life to those that make a tattoo with camping’s logo between May 1st-4th

Storience’s team that worked on Sandalandala project included:

  • Strategy & Naming: Stefan Liute, Adriana Liute, Iuliana Todoran, Maria Dumitriu
  • Creative Direction: Stefan Liute
  • Visual identity: Andrei Robu