RTB analysis: Mondays and Tuesdays are best for ad clicks

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An analysis made by RTB House in 30 markets shows that, while users click ads more frequently on weekends, they are more likely to make purchases from banner ads during the weekdays. The study is based on data collected, in February, from 450 campaigns conducted in the RTB model, an online ad technology that allows the purchase and sale of single ad views in real time. The data was derived from personalized retargeting tools developed by RTB House.

The results show that users clicked on ads most frequently during Saturdays and Sundays, showing CTRs at 0.36%. The highest activity was recorded between 3 and 5 PM (when CTR reaches to 0.41%).

Despite higher numbers of clicks on the weekends, users seem to have stronger potential for buying decisions during the weekdays. One-third of all clicks that ended up with a purchase were recorded on Mondays and Tuesdays (32% of the weekly results). The largest purchase activity was seen on Monday from 9-10 AM (6% of all purchases) and Tuesday, 10-11 AM (7%). Evening hours between 7 and 8 PM saw 7% of all transactions. The data also shows that the number of purchasing decisions (based on ad-clicks) declines as the days of the week progress further.

These results reflect the way in which users experience shopping on the web. Online buying trends seem to be influenced by new trends in the office – as employees more frequently use internet to check private emails, news, and other online resources during work hours, they increasingly come across digital ads and can devote a few moments for shopping also. Our data seems to confirm that online shoppers buy more often in the evenings, but the weekday mornings are just as important. That information can help us to plan advertising activities via the internet. Knowing at what day or hour users are more likely to click and buy, we can maximize the effect of our clients’ campaigns.

Maciek Mikołajczak,

Business Development Director CEE at RTB House

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RTB House is a tech agency with worldwide operations, developing its own tools for buying inventory and displaying adverts in the Real-Time Bidding model (RTB). As the author of a unique algorithm for personalized retargeting and the creator of TANDEM Effect, an innovative product combining the interests of online shops and manufacturers, the company effectively supports advertisers in Europe, Asia and North Africa.

RTB House operates on 30 markets, including Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Netherlands, Morocco, Germany, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine. The company is currently running over 450 advertising campaigns and it buys, for its clients, over 2,5 bn. views per month.