MediaIQ analysis: Google, Apple and Samsung – among most visible tech brands in Romanian online in Q1

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Google, Apple and Samsung are among the most visible tech brands in Romanian online mass-media in Q1, according to an analysis covering Q1 made by MediaIQ, Romanian media intelligence service. Together, the 3 mentioned brands generated 48,557 articles in the first quarter of the year

Google ranks first among the brands with biggest media coverage in Romanian online mass-media, with 19,761 online articles in Q1, with a spike  of apparitions of 383 articles on January 30th. In social media, Google was mentioned 11,789 times in the mentioned period.

Apple also had extended coverage in Romanian mass-media, with 17,260 online articles in Q1, being mentioned mainly in relation with the new iPhone 6 (505 articles) and iWatch Apple (528 ). In social media, Apple had 9,602 mentions in Q1.

When it comes of Samsung, the brand was present in 11,526 articles, with February 25th being the day with most articles (421), as that was the moment when Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched. In social media, it had 17.062 mentions.

Microsoft (9,445 articles), Sony (5,696) and HP (1,294) were also in top, and gathered also mentions in social media (5,433, 4,820 and, respectively, 2.330)