Romania has 151 works entered for Cannes Lions and Lions Health 2014

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Romanian agencies aim to go to this year’s edition of Cannes Lions with 148 entries and participate to Lions Health with 3, as the preliminary numbers show. The final numbers will be communicated soon, after all entries will be checked by festival’s organizers.

The entries, categories of competition and cases for each of the submitted works will be presented in Bucharest during the RUN Project for Cannes, organized by Cannes Lions Romania together with Biz Magazine.

RUN2014 The Run Project will take place on Jun 6th, at Bucharest’s Galateca, starting at 19.00. The entry fee at the event is Euro 50 per person, excepting the people from the agencies that already subscribed and got invitations. More details at

The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, coordinated by Teodora Migdalovici – the CannesLions ambassador in Romania, will send teams of participants at Design, PR and Cyber Young Lions Competitions and also at the Roger Hatchuel Academy.  The teams will be sponsored by powerful companies:  Renania for Design, Unicredit Tiriac Bank for PR, Pitech+Plus for Cyber and Miniprix for Roger Hatchuel Academy.

Most Romanian agencies that entered works for Cannes Lions this year and aim to qualify for the competition are from Bucharest, with the exception represented by Bizmart Oradea.

In total, there are 21 agencies from Romania that entered Cannes Lions this year with a total of 148 works; there are also 3 entries for Lions Health also. These are preliminary numbers, with the final numbers on Cannes Lions entries admitted into the official competitions to be communicated soon.

Material written by Lucian Talpes