ICEEfest 2014 spice up the conferences and trainings with celebrities, stand-up comedy and popular viral movies

Festivals & Awards

The conferences, workshops and trainings that will have as guests representatives from Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Twitter and other major global companies only represent the serious business part of ICEEfest, which also includes a fun and meant to relax part also tied to internet, tech and online communication.

During the 2 days of ICEEfest, an event taking place this week in Bucharest, the breaks between presentation will be spiced up by one of the most appreciated stand-up comedians in UK, Keith Farnan, known for his jokes related to economic matters, which aren’t all the times politically correct

During the 1st ICEEfest day, Romanian celebrities such as Dragos Nichifor (Grasu XXL), Calin Goia (Voltaj) and Adrian Sina (Akcent) will discuss, during a debate hosted by Florin Grozea (HI-Q), a study made by Quantix Research on fans’ reactions to commercial messages in social media and within commercials.

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The evening will be taken over by IAB MIXX awards, where the most interesting and efficient online campaigns of the year will be awarded. Afterwards, the over 70 speakers from ICEEfest, along with the other participants, will participate to a party spiced up with games: Xbox will combine with bowling, pool and other offline games at Grand Combo in Baneasa Shopping City.

The end of the festival will be marked by “Viral Movie Night”, a show that discusses with humor about the most inspired or most stupid videos that have millions and millions of views on YouTube. The show will be hosted by Andi Moisescu, with Mihai Bendeac, Mihai Bobonete and Raul Gheba as guests. Last year’s “Viral Movie Night” was one of the most appreciated moments of the festival

ICEEfest is scheduled to take place on Thursday and Friday and is organized by ThinkDigital with support from Orange. The last tickets that grant access to the festival are available via a special offer on Facebook.