Romanian Men in Black adopted a new identity

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Eight years after starting its activity on the market, Romanian agency Men in Black adopted a new identity, to align to present’s realities.

The former corporate signature of the agency – “Coming from below the line” – became only a hint of origin and wasn’t anymore a description of agency’s actual business capacities. In 2014, to mark the performances from the last 8 years and to underline agency’s evolution on the marketing and advertising market, Men in Black is relaunching under a new slogan, “There, taking care”.

The start point to develop a new identity was represented by a study made among the most important clients of the agency, which revealed the profile of an entity focused on finding creative solutions and implementing them fast and efficient, managing to naturally evolve by adapting continuously at the demands of the new communication channels, surpassing the expectations and achieving records when it comes of results.

Men in Black was founded in 2006, two years before the financial crisis stroke Romanian advertising market. Cristian Lica, Bogdan Kisescu and Gabriel Pricop, 3 ad-men with experience within the industry, were launching the agency, with BTL profile, 4 employees and 2 clients.

Eight years later, in 2014, Men in Black reached to a turnover of around Euro 4M (in 2013), 33 project managers, over 270 permanent employees, over 5,000 collaborators, over 1,500 implemented projects,  75M achieved consumer hits and 10.000 square meters of depot at national level. Agency’s roster of clients includes Philip Morris, Ferrero Romania, Beiersdorf Romania, Coca-Cola, Enel and ING Bank.

Cristian Ramboiu - Managing Director Men in Black
Cristian Ramboiu – Managing Director Men in Black

BTL, even in this multi-channel stage, when it crosses with the digital, means, at its basis, more and more channels, more locations, more things happening in the same time. The client cannot verify all at first hand. It is essential for him to have as partner a flexible agency that will release him from the stress of the unknown. An agency that “will be there” when he, the client, cannot be. The new line – “There, taking care” – summarizes perfectly the way our clients and partners are perceiving us. An agency that thinks, plans and implements a campaign keeping all the details under control

Cristian Ramboiu,

Managing Director Men in Black.

Developed internally by agency’s creative department, the new visual identity reflects perfectly the new positioning. Sorina Pentilescu (Creative Director) and Paul Goti (Senior Art Director) explained the creative rational behind the new graphic identity:

Men in Black is, for 8 years, a living organism, alert, creative and reactive to all market’s demands, completing over the time all its competent divisions to “take care” of projects from the planning stage to implementation and reporting. That’s what we wanted to tell and to show and we think we managed

The graphic symbol illustrates rigor and precision we accustomed our clients with, but also flexibility and creativity through unexpected contortions and perspectives, that are characteristic to the industry we are active in

For those not deciphering those valences , the new Men in Black identity is just a firmly and modern signature and, we hope, a remarkable one