Romanian pate encourages Romanians to tag beautiful places, in a RON 100,000 promotion


Romanian pate brand “Pate Ardealul” encourages Romanians to discover beautiful places, recommend and tag them on a special map, available on a dedicated website.

The initiative is part of a promotion that lasts until August 17th and offers total prizes worth RON 100,000. Among promotion’s prizes are branded backpacks (daily) and a Tour of Romania trip (weekly)

To enter the promotion, those who buy Ardealul products must send – via SMS – a code they find on products’ packaging or to fill in a participation form on promotion’s dedicated website.

The idea had impact until now, there are over 1,600 proposals in just 3 campaign weeks and many opinions on every place. To make the discovery even more visible, any recommendation can be marked with colorful stickers from the website and from stores, so everyone can know about where a certain beautiful place is. It can be a town, an inn, a museum or an outdoor place

Andreea Toloaca

Marketing Director ORKLA Romania.

Promotion’s awards are attractive and also encourage the participants to discover the beauties of Romania. The daily prizes winners are entering in a weekly draw that can bring them 9 prizes consisting in pocket money (RON 5.700 netto) and a car rented for top 10 days (or the equivalent in money) – exactly what’s needed to make the Tour of Romania.

The promotion is communicated on products’ packaging, at POS, with dedicated stickers, on a dedicated website, on Europa FM and Radio Romania Actualitati radios, but also via 2 TVCs