MRM Worldwide Romania and Lidl launch “Amar y Comer” telenovela

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MRM Worldwide Romania launches “Amar y Comer”, the first 360 degrees campaign developed by the agency for Lidl Romania client.

“Amar Y Comer” was developed especially to promote the 2 weeks during which Romanian Lidl stores bring to the public the most delicious specialties from Iberian Peninsula.

As Spain is one of the biggest attractions on the peninsula, the start point of the campaign is represented by the elements that make this country recognized all over the world. Flamenco, bull fights, architecture could be some of those but, in Romania, Spain and Spanish are associated with telenovelas, phenomena that helped many Romanian women improve significantly their Spanish knowledge.

This is why, in order to communicate the products and recipes specific too Spain which are in Lidl’s offer for 2 weeks, MRM Worldwide Romania found the best way to bring in Romania the Spanish drama and passion: an authentic telenovela, full of drama and intrigues, with Spanish actors and declined in 6 episodes. The full telenovela is available here.

The campaign runs from July 28th to August 11th and will be promoted on TV, radio and online.

The team from MRM Worldwide Romania working on the campaign included

  • GM & Chief Innovation Officer: Nir Refuah
  • Client Service Director: Ionela Buta
  • Art Director: Nadejda Ghilca
  • Copywriter: Sandra Bold
  • Senior Account Manager: Matei Goncea
  • Account Manager: Ada Brutaru
  • Social Media & Digital Strategist: Oana Nedelea
  • Senior Action Script Programmer & Team Leader:  Dany Manea.