Tailwind study: Major trends and changes of programmatic ad buying and selling process within Central Europe

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TailWind, programmatic trading and ad-tech solution specialized company part of TDG, announced the results of its first study on CEEMEA programmatic trading status.

The research, made together with  AppNexus, offers an overview of the understanding level and the adoption of programmatic trading, analyzing both the demand and the offer from publishers, media agencies and advertisers / clients perspective.

The report proves that programmatic trading isn’t an “enigmatic” term anymore, as both parties – buyers and sellers – say they saw it offers multiple benefits, like a better audience targeting, reduced budgets and imprints that aren’t wasted.

On the other hand, the lack of premium inventory and the deficit of competencies of their own companies were identified, within the study, as the most frequent reasons to delay programmatic trading adoption.

Still, 76.5% respondents in CEEMEA agree that, sooner or later, Programmatic Trading will evolve into an important / vital part of digital advertising.

The white paper which includes the report also makes available an useful comparison with a research made this year by AppNexus, Warc and IAB in Western Europe, underlining the differences in adoption state between the 2 regions.

TailWind aims to simplify through technology the complexity of the digital business and to increase the revenues for publishers, media agencies and advertisers with help of automated and based on relevant data solutions.

Owned and operated by TailWind and supported by AppNexus, “Project Agora” is a network for publishers in CEE, SEE and MENA. The mission of the project – which will be launched soon in Romania and benefits of the involvement of major players like Mediafax, Ringier and ThinkDigital – consists in creating trustful audiences, that will bring added value to advertisers, making sure, in the same time, that the interests of the local publishers are protected

TailWind is partner AppNexus in over 30 countries in CEE & MEA and Sizmek in CEE.