Romanian online advertising: ThinkDigital takes over AdEvolution

Business, Digital & Media

ThinkDigital Romania and AdEvolution signed a collaboration agreement that sees the business operations of the 2 companies integrating by the end of the year, Romanian writes.

On a difficult and fragmented market, consolidation is the key towards a healthy digital marketing business. I’ve said the same thing when the company I founded in 2009, Q2M, merged with ThinkDigital. Two years later, the fact that I was right is confirmed and I am convinced that the alliance I signed today with one of the oldest and most respected players on romanian market will transform, in the same way, into a successful project

Dragos Stanca,

Managing Director ThinkDigital Romania.

Exactly 8 years ago, I was founding AdEvolution convinced that, as its name says, we will contribute to the development and maturation of the local digital marketing and publishing market. The agreement signed today with ThinkDigital only brings forward this project, in a correct business context, when consolidation of the important regional players is needed

Val Voicu,

Founder AdEvolution.

Once with the agreement signed, Voicu also became Business Development Advisor within ThinkDigital Romania.

ThinkDigital – part of international TDG – represents, in the relation with clients and media agencies, tens of local websites, premium publishers and international players, like Facebook (Premium Ads), Skype, Daily Motion and others. The company is also the organizer of the biggest SEE festival dedicated to interactive marketing,  ICEEfest.

At its turn, AdEvolution represents tens of local publishers grouped in a complex network of specialized websites. The company owns and operates original publishing projects, among which Feminis (women lifestyle) and DailyBusiness (business & economic portal).