Bucharest gets on the worldwide love map, with a bridge becoming host for love locks


Starting August, Granini put Bucharest on worldwide love map by transforming one of Herastrau Park’s bridges into the host of love locks.

The initiative to turn a bridge in Herastrau Park into love locks’ bridge came from Granini and Publicis Bucharest. 1,000 locks are already up on the bridge, symbols of brands’ fans love.


Launched on the Granini Facebook page, the initiative transformed into reality with a bridge decorated with personalized locks.

The tradition of love locks is renown all over the world and Bucharest deserves to be on the international map of people inlove. And who would’ve been more suited to support such a campaign if not the brand with 1,000 ways to love? It is a beautiful project, to which a lot of our fans participated

Georgiana Vasile

Brand Manager, Granini

The Facebook app followed the virtual construction of Love Bridge and its decoration with lovers’ locks. The participants chose a lock and customized it with their names and, afterwards, lock it on the virtual bridge. After entering the app, Granini transformed the virtual bridge into a real one, that hosts the 1,000 locks disposed in the form of “Love” word. The Love Bridge will be in Herastrau Park until September 10th.

The initiative is communicated online, via direct mailing and special activations.

The teams working on the project are:

  • Granini: Georgiana Vasile – Granini Brand Manager, Raluca Frumuselu – Media & Digital Coordinator, Georgiana Ionescu – Brand PR Coordinator, Gabriel Dumitru – BTL Manager.
  • Publicis Romania: Alex Deaconu – Art Director, George Lupeanu – Copywriter, Luiza Vrinceanu – Senior Account Manager, Bogdan Voina – Account Manager & Producer, Alina Tanase – Senior Digital Account Manager, Mina Ionescu – Jr. Digital Account Executive, Elis Iaia – Digital Senior Creative Planner, Ciprian Frunzeanu – Digital Art Director, Cosmin Anghel – Jr. Copywriter, Tiberiu Bucovei – Project Manager, Constantin Bunica – PHP Developer.