A day in a copywriter’s life

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I’m taking advantage of this article’s headline to mention that once you enter the advertising world, you won’t have “a life”.  But “a copywriter’s life”.  A paradox, if we compare the way people look at advertising with their opinions regarding other more SERIOUS jobs that really put a label on your life:  Dr. , Prof., Inspector, President and so on.

If you consider working in the creative department, you must know that your job is that kind of job that will be with you all day, every day, no matter where, no matter when.

So, prepare yourself to talk about briefs and clients, even when you are getting on a drink, to write all your family greeting cards, wedding and baptism invitations cause you are “the one with the ideas”. Moreover, you’ll be “the fucking creative” just because you walk your cat on a leash or you put your T-shirt on backwards, by mistake.

Felicia Stoica

If I assume the day of a copywriter is only from 9:30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. I can easily compared it with a day at the Blue Mosque where people come and go in a never-ending visit, asking for different stuff, all at the same time. Unfortunately, this is the way things work, lately; lots of briefs, very short deadlines and a brainstorming session that barely exists.

But a day in a copywriter’s life also looks like this: finish lines instead of deadlines, good looking men with muscles, the best tri-athletes of Europe  trying to beat their own records, supporters, applauses, fashion designers, fashion nights, hand made carpets instead of online banners,  scraps that are turned into a new brand of toys, kids being introduced to the magic of games with buttons for the first time, many thanks, many laughs, trips, great photos, and last, but not least… awesome people.  I’m talking about the BTL driven projects.

Surprisingly, but what was once known as “The Ugly Duckling” of the advertising world, over the years has become “The Sleeping Beauty”. I like to define BTL as “the going out” of the advertising world – besides leaving the office, there is also a good vibe between the account managers, the clients, the event organizers, the participants and the creative team.

In brief, there is always room for things to be lived.  If you can, bring them also into your job.

An article by Felicia Stoica, Senior Copywriter CohnandJansen JWT