A story with extraordinary bicycles, created by Nescafe 3in1 and Publicis Romania


In the end of August, Nescafe 3in1 launched online “Extraordinary bicycles: The Beginnings”, a project conceived by Publicis Romania and dedicated to all people enjoying running bikes through the city. During September 13-14 week-end, the extraordinary bikes will be unveiled and will leave together with their new owners, the fans that won the competition launched by  Nescafe 3in1.

Nescafe 3in1 communication strategy aims to offer a special experience to dynamic young people, interested by opportunities deserving to be shared with friends. And, this time, the brand choose the urban bicycle fans community.

layout portrait_bikers_nescafe3in1

In our attempt to find a perfect bicycle for city, we realized that there’s no universal solution. There are though more and more Romanian builders that create bikes for city which are suited to each particular client. The idea is based on this trend – custom made bikes – and the novelty is that we built 3 urban bicycles which are perfect for 3 categories of people: beginners, those who use them to travel long distances and those who only have a ride for pleasure

Cosmin Baba & Diana Papuc

Creative Team, Publicis Romania

This was the idea used by Publicis Romania and Nescafe 3in1  to start a sizable project dedicated to the community of people with passion for bicycles.

The Extraordinary Bicycles is the story of 3 urban bikes created by the top 3 most talented bicycle builders in Bucharest. After being invited to join the story, each of the 3 builders chose a different conceptual direction to follow in creating their bike: Cristina Barbu (Atelier Onest) chose to build tuPeux, a bike with a special design suited to beginners, Alex Achim (Atelier Onest) opted for Le Jer, with classic and modern elements and dedicated for week-end rides, while Tudor went with Hashtag, a comfortable bike with safe breaks suited for any meteo conditions and dedicated to those who need their bicycle every day to travel through the city.

The project is a new experience proposed by Nescafe 3in1 to young people interested in opportunities and things that deserve to be shared with friends. “Extraordinary Bicycles: The beginnings” is the extraordinary story of 3 bikes created for urban experiences which deserve to be shared and suited for different lifestyles. “Extraordinary Bicycles: The beginnings” will be the story of young people that will be inspired by or even love these bikes, which will take them no matter how far through the city or let them enjoy the parks or give them courage to start now to join to this wonderful community

Andreas Kouroumalis,

Business Manager Beverages, Nestle Romania

The story of the bikes is available on 6 episodes available on YouTube (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) or on MTV Romania.

The public can see and admire the extraordinary bikes at BikeFest, during the week-end, before they are given to the winners of the competition launched on Nescafe Romania’s Facebook page. Initially, those taking part in the competition had the opportunity to choose the bike that suited them the best and to show they really deserve it by making a short movie and post it via a facebook app. The jury in charge with selecting the winners included the builders, bloggers and Nescafe 3in1 team. The story continues, as the 2nd stage of the campaign starts at BikeFest and on company’s Facebook page

The teams involved in the project:

  • Publicis Romania:  Jorg Riommi – Chief Creative Director, Mihnea Gheorghiu – Group Creative Director, Diana Papuc – Art Director, Cosmin Baba – Copywriter, Raluca Iacob – Head of Strategy, Dana Pascu – Senior Strategic Planner, Carina Toma – Junior Strategic Planner, Camelia Efrimov – Senior Producer, Liviu Efrimov – Producer, Catalin Albu – Client Service Director, Emanuela Ionescu – Account Director, Liana Petrascu – Account Manager, Roxana Niculae – Account Executive.
  • Nescafe 3in1: Andreas Kouroumalis – Group Executive Manager Beverages, Tulia Casvean – Group Brand Manager, Lucian Pavel – Senior Brand Manager.