@IABEurope: European Programmatic Market – Euro 2.1BN in 2013

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IAB Europe announced, during its panel at dmexco 2014, that it joined forces with IHS Technology to size the programmatic market at a European level. This initiative came as IAB recognizes the growing importance of programmatic within the digital advertising ecosystem and sees the need to deliver greater insight on this area.

The research shows that the programmatic market in Europe leaped 111% from €0.98bn in 2012 to €2.08bn in 2013. For the research, IAB Europe and IHS Technology took a holistic approach to aggregating the data to ensure all stakeholder perspectives were included. The numbers are based on ad spend reported by IABs, transactional data, statistical and econometric models to infer a European market size and knowledge from industry experts. This programmatic research will complement the IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark report, the definitive guide to the state of the European online advertising market. Further development of research into the Programmatic market will continue to be undertaken in consultation with the IABs across Europe.

The European figure released today includes online display and mobile display to ensure all corners of the ecosystem are captured.

The project has been managed by the IAB Europe Programmatic Trading Task Force, a multi-stakeholder initiative to help Publishers, Agencies and Advertisers increase their understanding of the programmatic ecosystem and the impact it is having on digital advertising. The Task Force will deliver a comprehensive programme of educational activities.

A reliable sizing of the Programmatic market is another valuable asset both for businesses operating in the digital advertising ecosystem
and for stakeholders seeking to better understand the development of this young and innovative sector

Townsend Feehan,

CEO IAB Europe

It is undeniable that programmatic trading is growing. The array of existing studies, IPO and investment activities and qualitative industry feedback say that much. However actual size and volume have remained open to debate. This study provides an impartial view in coordination with national IABs

Daniel Knapp

Director of Advertising Research IHS Technology & author of the research

This programmatic market sizing from IAB Europe provides a compass for media owners, agencies and other players alike as to where the market is heading and which business decisions to make

Graham Wylie,

Member IAB Europe Programmatic Trading Task Force

Senior Director EMEA & APAC Marketing at AppNexus

IAB Europe’s programme of initiatives includes the first pan-European Programmatic Trading White Paper published in July 2014 and will continue with a Glossary of Key Terms, further White Paper extensions and a presentation series.

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