Romanian start-up The Pole Society goes to Brazil

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Romanian start-up The Pole Society presents, for the first time, on September 18th, in South America, the first mobile advertising solution for digital. The presentation will take place at Brasil Signage Expo and The Pole app will be available for Brazilians starting October 2014.

The Pole will be available for testing on September 18th during the first exhibition in Brazil dedicated exclusively to digital solutions for outdoor. The Brazilian public will be able to send, in real time, its own images, via smartphones, to the screens from Sao Paolo airport, to tablets available in 100 taxis and on a totem situated at the exhibition.

The Pole Brazilia

The Pole is the fastest and most accessible solution to distribute promotional content on digital screens and targets mainly medium and small businesses. One only needs to download The Pole app, to load a poster or create one from scratch with help of app’s graphical functions and, in just few minutes, the poster is visible on a digital screen selected from a list. The payment for the media space is made also via mobile, with a debit or credit card, and it is operated via a secure interface. The entire process lasts between 30 seconds and couple minutes and the solution is available to any smartphone user that downloads the app at local and international level.

The South-American premiere brings us a step closer to our purpose,which is to connect cities and peoples from all over the world through an advertising solution accessible to anyone. This way, for the first time, a bed and breakfast in Romania will be available, for example, to promote its services on an outdoor screen downtown Sao Paolo in order to attract Brazilian tourists

Bogdan Savonea,

Co-Founder The Pole.


The Pole Society works, for the South-American launch event, with the Brazilian partners YMIDIA and Comtecno. YMIDIA is one of the most innovative Brazilian companies when it comes of digital indoor and outdoor solutions, while Comtecno has over 10 years of experience in Digital Interactive Media and created the first system in Brazil dedicated to tourist and through which they can access educative info and alerts related to their travel, through tablets installed in cabs.

Starting October, once with the launch in Brazil, The Pole app will be updated and improved significantly. Users all over the world, including Romania, will have access to the new functions like the possibility to buy tickets to their favorite events  directly from the mobile phone, through a partnership with

In present, The Pole covers over 40 digital screens in Bucharest. After the October launch in Sao Polo, The Pole plans to expand in North America and Asia.