Romanian Armada and BIC proved creativity’s efficiency in “Back to School” 2014 campaign

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Romanian agency Armada developed, for BIC Romania, a promotional interactive in-store campaign, implemented during Back to School period in the international store chains in Romania.


September represents a peak of sales for stationery industry and, this year, BIC decided to change its communication strategy in order to achieve in-store differentiation and to consolidate the emotional ties between the brand and the consumers

Starting from the brand and its products, Armada developed a campaign around the message “Together, we are drawing the future of your child”, meant to bring back the emotion in the stores stuffed with conventional materials and price discounts.


We all answered, at a certain moment, when we were little, to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. For most, this answer changes many times in life, but all we know is that the road to performance and a good future starts after we take in our hands the first pencils, pens or ink pens. We wanted for all those who are exposed to the campaign to understand that BIC knows the importance of supporting the little ones in order for them to manage to become what they want

Tiberiu Tuluca,

General Manager Armada

BIC Auchan lateral promotie cu desen 667x1400


The creative concept proposed by Armada was a very good solution for the organized pitch and, afterwards, proved to be efficient on all plans. First of all, the concept and all campaigns’ materials were received with high enthusiasm by our partners. Secondly, during the entire campaign period, the same enthusiasm was felt in stores and generated an increase in sales and a very good engagement towards the brand. according to GFK Romania, BIC posted in Mass Merchandisers sales channel an increase of its market share in terms of volume from 22% in July-September 2013 to 27.2% on July-September 2014

Cristina Bucur,

Bic – Marketing Manager Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova

Roata profesiilor

The teams working on the campaign included


  • Strategy and project management: Maria Bucur
  • Copywriting: Alexandru Gradisteanu
  • Art Direction: Giorge Roman
  • Creative Director: Adrian Albu
  • General Manager: Tiberiu Tuluca


Stand pe care se poate desena


  • Marketing: Cristina Bucur – Marketing Manager
  • Stefan Trasca – Junior Trade Marketing Manager Stationery
  • Sales: Ioana Ghita – Field Sales Manager
  • Liviu Cimpoeru – Key Account Manager
  • Paul Baltag – Key Account Manager