IAB Europe and IAB US in partnership to publish recommendations for digital ad industry

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IAB Europe and IAB US joined forces to publish recommendations for digital ad industry, related to promoting global trade and innovation as Europe and US are negotiating a vital trade program. The 2 organizations provide the industry’s first consensus policy position on data governance issues and hope it can serve as guidance for ongoing negotiations between the US and Europe on the revision of the Safe Harbor framework.

EU and US are among the world’s most vibrant digital advertising marketplaces, representing together 73,1 billion euros in annual revenue, namely 70% of the global industry, and maintaining equally significant market share in emerging categories such as mobile advertising.

The Safe Harbor framework has greatly contributed to the success of this marketplace by providing more than 4,000 businesses, including many IAB member companies, a means to transfer data across the Atlantic in a streamlined and cost-effective manner that ensures consumer protection.

IAB US and IAB Europe announced the principles for a modernized Safe Harbor framework to serve as guidance to US and EU negotiators on the digital advertising industry’s priorities. The set of principles calls for a business environment that is conducive to innovation and economic growth, a balanced approach to economic growth and protection of personal data, increased legal certainty for companies, and coherence with EU and US laws.

IAB Europe and IAB US will continue to leverage the IAB Global Network to push for a workable framework that ensures the responsible flow of data between the world’s two largest digital marketplaces.