“Scent of a book”, an activation by Publicis Romania for Dacia, at Romanian Gaudeamus fair


For the 6th year in a row, Publicis Romania continued the communication partnership with Dacia for Gaudeamus international book fair, taking place every year in Bucharest.

Activare stand

Dacia believes in reading. And believes people become better and more inspired if they read. In all these years, Dacia built a strong tie between auto world and the literary one. When it comes of Publicis, one of the secrets for the successes achieved during all these years is that we didn’t consider the project just a sponsorship and we looked beyond the 30 square meters of the stand. At Gaudeamus, Dacia has a mission we understood very well and, every year, we managed to find a different angle through with to communicate it to the public

Catalin Albu,

Client Service Director Publicis Romania


This year, Publicis aimed to create an experience, not a campaign and, in building the concept, it started with the 5 senses. Among those, the one that manages the fastest to bring back in mind memories is the scent.



At Dacia’s stand, there was a launch for car perfumes inspired by different books from the universal and national literature, which offer readers the opportunity to have the perfume of their favorite book in their car every day. The concept was also declined in social media and, among the most voted perfumes on Dacia’s Facebook page were: grass for “Memories from Childhood”, vanilla for “Hansel and Gretel”, tea for “Alice in Wonderland” or coconut for “Jungle Book”


Visitors at Dacia’s stand from Gaudeamus were also challenged to test their imagination: they were invited to choose a title from literature and match it with the correct scent, selected from a range of scents available at the stand.



  • Publicis Romania: Mihai Costache – Copywriter, Adrian Iota – Art Director, Dan Frinculescu – Group Creative Director, Jorg Riomni – Chief Creative Director, Victor Maier – Senior Account Executive, Luiza Vrinceanu – Senior Account Manager, Clarisa Rosu – Account Director, Catalin Albu – Client Service Director, Bogdan Voina – BTL Account Manager, Cristian Balaci – Senior Producer, Veronica Oancea – Digital Account Director, Oana Adela Popescu – Digital Account Manager, Eugen Alexe – Print Production Manager.
  • Dacia Romania: Anca Oreviceanu – Communication Director, Luiza Domnișoru – Chief Public Relation Service, Raisa Beicu – Project Manager.