Uroš Goričan, recipient of the Dragan Sakan Scholarship, has successfully finished his study at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership


On November 14th, Uroš Goričan, Creative Director Publicis Groupe Slovenia, successfully finished his studies at Berlin School of Creative Leadership. In 2010, Golden Drum Festival, in partnership with the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, announced the “Dragan Sakan Scholarship” to honor of the achievements a true legend of advertising, friend and long-time supporter, Dragan Sakan. Upon receiving the Dragan Sakan Scholarship, Uroš Goričan started his study at the Berlin School Executive MBA in Creative Leadership program on 4 September 2010 in Berlin, Germany.

On behalf of the Golden Drum Festival I would like to sincerely congratulate Uroš Goričan for his graduation at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. We are proud and honoured to grant the Dragan Sakan scholarship to Uroš who proved to have become a real Creative Leader. We wish Uroš lots of success in his future career

Barbara Krajnc,

Executive Director Golden Drum Festival.

Students of the Executive MBA in Creative Leadership program must be accomplished senior creative executives with a strong professional background and track record of creative excellence. A BA degree is also required.

Uroš Goričan_BSCL_1

In his master’s thesis, Uroš Goričan tried, through dramaturgical, strategic and business aspect, to answer the question, what can brands learn from creators of content (writers, producers and media houses).

In his master’s thesis, Uroš describes how there is a popular belief in the marketing profession, that brands have to stop interrupting (media) content with advertisements and start creating their own. Does this mean that they have to start acting as media houses or publishers of content? And what happens when brands leave the area of traditional advertising formats? What are the most appropriate contents? Who is best qualified to create such stories? What will be the new ecosystem between clients, agencies and media houses and who will prevail in it?

The foundation for any content is, of course, story. There is no universal recipe for a good story, but there are ways how the creators of stories can help brands to create their own and how they can become a part of their communication strategy.

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