Starcom MediaVest launched Consumer Report, an encyclopedia on Romanian consumer

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Starcom Mediavest launched Consumer Report, an encyclopedia on Romanian consumer including info over the most important segments of consumers (Modern & Active Parents, Social Butterflies – most outgoing consumers, Yuppies – young professionals and Traditional Families).

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The purpose of Consumer Report, which will be updated yearly with the newly emerged trends, was to facilitate a better understanding of Romanian public when it comes of Technology & Web Usage, Entertainment, Brands & Shopping, Consumer Values and Trends in Action. Moreover, the research includes a Case Studies section which illustrates the way the info on consumers can be monetized.

Consumer Report accumulates data from SNA Focus study and researches developed by Starcom during the last year and considered people with buying power and active shopper drive.

According to the report, most consumers have 2 TVs in their households, reason why watching TV together with the family isn’t a frequent occurrence.

When it comes of smartphones, the buying decision is made considering its usage in social or professional activities, with most smartphones being owned by Yuppies and Social Butterflies.

When it comes of online, the more complex the online activities of a category are, the more increases the time spent over the internet. Traditional Families spend online an average of 1.15 hrs, with high interest for search, while Modern Families spend up to 2.5 hrs.

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When it comes of entertainment, Modern & Active Parents are going to cinema for comedies, which can be watched together with kids, while Traditional Families opt for positive content and less horror or SF movies. Social Butterflies go to cinema twice more than the average of the urban population, and they like the least romantic movies. At their turn, Yuppies prefer multiplex experiences and action movies or comedies.

In terms of online games, on social networks, computers or mobile, 49% of Traditional Families, 59% of Modern & Active Parents, 70% of Yuppies and 73% of Social Butterflies are playing at least once a week.

When it comes of influencers, Modern & Active Parents trust specialized mass media communication, in print or online, Social Butterflies gather their information from their social circle, Yuppies prefer fast access to relevant info recommended by acquaintances, specialized publications or found online, while Traditional Families trust the experts.

When it comes of buying decisions for appliances, Modern & Active Parents shares responsibilities in couple and also involve the children. Yuppies also share responsibility in couple, while Social Butterflies delegate this decision to someone else.

Traditional Families consider entire family’s preferences when it comes of buying food, while the decision to buy cleaning products is fully made by the person in charge with those activities.

Modern & Active Parents gather info before making acquisitions, Social Butterflies are open to the advises they receive in store and susceptible to change their initial preferences, Yuppies gather punctual info online and directly from products’ labels, while Traditional Families look for info on the products before shopping (very little online, mostly base their opinion on info gathered from media or acquaintances)

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